Create Eye-Catching Instagram Highlight Cover

How To Create Instagram Highlight Covers On Your Own; Step-by-Step Guide

To create a new Highlight from your Instagram profile, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your Instagram profile and click on the icon displayed in the image below.

Step 2: Clicking that icon in the image above will open all your archived stories. Select the Instagram Stories you want to include in your new highlight. 

Step 3: Choose the stories you want to use. Tap NEXT. Instagram automatically puts them as an Instagram highlight; give a name to your newly created highlight. Newly created highlights come with a default Instagram highlight cover that can be edited.

You have successfully created your Instagram Highlight, and now it’s time for you to create a custom Instagram highlight cover for your profile.

Creating Custom Instagram Highlight Covers

Many tools are available to create Instagram highlight covers, and we recommend the best ones in this article.

Changing the contrast: If you use icons, we recommend going with a solid background color. The trick is to keep the contrast between the icon and the background high so that everything is visible.

Display your brand’s aesthetic: Your brand has preferred colors, fonts, capitalization, and emojis. Use these elements in your highlight covers.  However, remember that less is more.

Choose icons over text: While you can use the first letter of the cover’s description, you’re passing up an opportunity to include more information. So, rather than simply repeating the cover title, finding something that adds to it is best.

Highlight the Most Important Stories: Consider what is most important to your target audience. What does the audience want to see? Educational content, entertaining content, or both.

Top 5 Instagram Highlight Cover Making Apps

You’ll need access to a free graphic design platform to create custom covers for your highlights. Some of these platforms have paid subscriptions. You can get a lot done with the free stuff. 


This app’s many incredible built-in features allow you to combine different techniques to create unique covers that include images, text, and more. You can start with one of the thousands of pre-designed templates or stock photos and then add effects, stickers, or GIFs to your design. If you want to create something unique and one-of-a-kind, start with a blank canvas.

Canva is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices and PCs and allows you to realize any idea for a Highlights cover, regardless of its theme or level of complexity. You can make a miracle and boost your brand with little effort and knowledge.

Highlight Cover Maker

The Highlight Cover Maker app has an extensive collection of icons and cover templates. There is everything, from funky watercolor backgrounds to classic solid backgrounds.

The great thing about this app is that you can mix and match the backgrounds and stickers to make them your own. That is not all. Text can also be added to the covers.

While the app is simple to use, This app includes both free and paid templates.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express includes several Instagram, Facebook, and Instagram Stories post templates. The app also has its own stock image library, which anyone can use, violating no copyright.

You can design a cover tailored to the type of post you want to create. For example, highlight covers can be easily made by selecting the Instagram Story option from the Resize menu.

Adobe Spark is an excellent tool for creating highlight covers for Instagram that is accessible via any web browser, as well as an app for iOS and Android.


It is modern software that can meet the needs of the average social media user. It doesn’t have an extensive template library. Still, its 500 samples should be enough for even the most advanced users to express their creativity or find inspiration. You can edit stories and design the cover with this highlight cover maker.

Constant posting is essential for keeping your followers engaged, so be creative. You can create outstanding layouts for IG stories and covers with Mojito, enhancing each post you make.

You can get started by selecting an animated, minimalist, or another template or by simply inserting natural textures of backgrounds, such as Ocean, etc.

Amplify Your Instagram Game

Instagram stories and highlights are two of the social network’s most popular features. And, by the looks of things, this feature isn’t going away soon.

They are an excellent way to group together all the similar stories under one ‘roof’. So, if you have ten different food-related highlights, combine them into a single highlight and give them an appropriate cover.

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