Personal branding of Business leader

C-Suite Ececutive Branding

Just like brands, corporate executives also need to position themselves in the industry on the right platforms to achieve their personal and professional goals.

The Brief

Brands are like people, they have a personality, a belief system and a positioning. The vice-versa is also true. People are also brands and their social media presence is a big factor in determining their social equity. Our clients are C-suite executives,  of one of the fortune 500 companies which is also a consistent performer in the 100 best places to work. Generally they want to position themselves as a business leader or industry expert, for this they need personal branding.

The client had a presence on social channels but the profile was not active. He needed a Rasputin to bring it back to life and position itself as an investor, business leader and mentor. He was looking for a social media marketing agency in London. The only bit that challenged us was to get the first hand out of the grave of a dead profile, but keeK accepted the challenge.

Famous words by Marshall McLuhan; ‘Medium is the Message’


Increased Reach


Increased Engagement

Top 1%

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Brand Identity

For personal branding, keeK first started with making a strategy of profile building, the tone and values that match the personality of the executive and his positioning. The challenge lay in understanding the executive thoroughly and translating their unique traits – like a touch of philosophy, keen observation, and vivid description. Through fruitful discussions and idea exchanges, unearthed a distinctive brand image: a semi-formal intellectual with profound industry knowledge and an eagerness to share wisdom.With careful consideration, curated content, banners, and profile photos to align seamlessly with this captivating persona.

Executive Online Reputation Management

With a solid brand identity in place, the next step in personal branding was to build and monitor the digital presence to enhance credibility and influence in the market. keeK carefully prepared a content bucket for the executive based on his habits like reading, personal stories like family and incidents, and market expertise. After two months of trial and error, patterns emerged, leading us to focus on the areas that resonated most with the audience.

Once the profile reached top 1% Industry SSI Rank and the credibility of the executive built up, keeK focused on retaining the position while infusing a mentoring touch into the brand persona. Here we started sharing life hacks and tips from experience as our audience began to perceive the executive as an authentic and dependable business leader.

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Some Of
Our Clients

Working with keeK felt like adding fuel to our business! I wanted a website but didn’t have any idea what the website would be like, and patiently guided us through the whole process and gave us more than we could ever ask for.

CEO, V-Poct

I never have to chase the keeK team to get anything ready or get some ideas like any other agencies in the market, they do it proactively without asking and do end-to-end campaign management along with data analysis

Brand Manager, Daraju

When I first had a meeting with the keeK team for my personal branding, I honestly thought they were just setting a trap for themselves with those unachievable KPIs they set. Eventually, they over-achieved their targets and I noticed the change when I saw my post engagement, my DMs boosting that too, all organically and my co-workers actually taking inspiration from my content.