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Daraju brands were challenger brands that were striving to increase awareness and market share in African markets

The Brief

Since 2008, Daraju Industries has built a strong and rich heritage of making an impact in the lives of consumers with brands that make life a little better every day. Fressia, Xtreme, and Green are some of the brands that Daraju owns and has entrusted their growth to keeK. Along with the go-to-market strategy, keeK spearheads Brand Strategy, digital marketing services like PPC, Display Advertising, Paid Socials, and Social Media Marketing.

These brands were relatively new and had low penetration in the market. Faced with competitors like Colgate, they were having a hard time building their market presence. They were looking for a marketing agency that is dedicated to delivering the objectives and KPIs. keeK has prior experience with Nigerian consumer brands which was vital to make this a success.


Increase in Sales


Increase in Engagement


Increase in Reach


According to the market penetration strategy that keeK layed out for Daraju, we planned our digital marketing strategy and decided to go ahead with PPC advertising. After thorough research on the target market and demographics, we identified relevant and high-traffic keywords related to our products, such as soap, toothpaste, and detergent.

keeK ran awareness campaigns and aimed for a minimum Cost Per Click. We also developed a retargeting strategy so that each viewer would see our ads at least three times a month. After regular optimisation, the Google advertising cost was significantly reduced.

Display Advertising

Fressia introduced an exciting promotion that received significant attention. A digital marketing strategy was laid separately for this campaign and In partnership with Eskimi, keeK collaborated to showcase Fressia’s display advertising on websites, blogs, and forums that matched our products and appealed to Fressia’s target audience. keeK designed various eye-catching banners in different sizes and styles for different spots on these websites, ensuring that the message and call-to-action were crystal clear.

Paid Socials

keeK mapped out the meta advertising strategy for all three brands. The objectives of all three brands were different. Initially, the team conducted tests for various campaign types like awareness and engagement. After two weeks, we settled on a fixed budget and strategy. We promoted Instagram and Facebook posts for higher engagement. An initial push led to an increase in awareness and follower base, gradually leading to organic growth in the social media presence of all three brands.

Social Media Marketing

Fressia and Xtreme already had social media handles, but engagement and followers were limited. keeK built Green’s social media presence from scratch and revitalized Xtreme and Fressia’s social media handles. The posting frequency was determined with the brand manager’s consent.

For organic growth, we initiated weekly tactical campaigns for these brands, where we presented challenges or puzzles to viewers. Those who solved them had a chance to win prizes.

Go-to-Market Strategy

keeK worked alongside Fressia to ensure the success of their promotional campaign. We strategized the promotion mediums that Fressia could choose for maximum impressions. We designed several billboards, lampposts, and banners for offline promotion, ensuring that the messaging was clear.

We also pursued television advertising, creating a script and storyboard that was shared with the brand manager for the shoot. In addition to the TV ad, the promotion was also shared through paid media and display advertising.

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Some Of
Our Clients

Working with keeK felt like adding fuel to our business! I wanted a website but didn’t have any idea what the website would be like, and patiently guided us through the whole process and gave us more than we could ever ask for.

CEO, V-Poct

I never have to chase the keeK team to get anything ready or get some ideas like any other agencies in the market, they do it proactively without asking and do end-to-end campaign management along with data analysis

Brand Manager, Daraju

When I first had a meeting with the keeK team for my personal branding, I honestly thought they were just setting a trap for themselves with those unachievable KPIs they set. Eventually, they over-achieved their targets and I noticed the change when I saw my post engagement, my DMs boosting that too, all organically and my co-workers actually taking inspiration from my content.