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Irha Rice RRM

RRM rice has been a pioneer in rice cultivation since 1739.  A high quality rice sold as a white label by leading rice brands in India, now wanted to create its own in-house brand.

The Brief

RRM rice has been a pioneer in rice cultivation since 1739. Started off in pre-partition India and is now running multiple mills. The brand has been selling as a white-label to market leaders in the rice category and takes immense pride in the quality it offers in different rice variants. 

RRM, being sure of their quality wanted its footprint as a brand and not just a white-label. They had no digital presence. Having the necessary supply chain in place, keeK was put to a task to create a premium offering from the brand with a vision for the brand to become a market leader in 10 years!

The business owners wanted to focus on the younger population inclined towards eating sustainable and healthy food. They wanted a differentiated feel and look for the brand; something fresh and ready for the next generation.


Completed Journey


Increase in
Brand Penetration


Reduced Consumer
Acquisition Cost

Brand Identity

Business immersion sessions captured the true essence of what the brand stands for in the mind of the entrepreneurs. This was important to create a similar positioning which reflects in the brand equity for consumers down the lane. 

‘Irha Rice’ was born; the premium offering of RRM. The logo reflects RRM’s centuries old fertile soil (something they are very proud about) and the premiumness of Irha growing for future generations. Everything including brand logo, font, colors were carefully selected to align with the brand positioning.

Digital Designs & Packaging

An important part of the team immersion was the packaging designers to understand the entire brand journey of a family-owned 280+ years business. Ensuring we create an offering that is at the intersection of their futuristic vision and their past legacy. keeK design team, which also hosts a specialist food packaging designer, created packaging designs which reflect a modern-day brand but also reflects the grassroots that the brand comes from.

Web Design and Development

Brand identity and design concepts were turned into fully functional websites. Guided by the vision we crafted this bespoke WordPress website. Employing high-speed HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, it has subtle animations and interactive elements to captivate the audience while maintaining optimal functionality.

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Some Of
Our Clients

Working with keeK felt like adding fuel to our business! I wanted a website but didn’t have any idea what the website would be like, and patiently guided us through the whole process and gave us more than we could ever ask for.

CEO, V-Poct

I never have to chase the keeK team to get anything ready or get some ideas like any other agencies in the market, they do it proactively without asking and do end-to-end campaign management along with data analysis

Brand Manager, Daraju

When I first had a meeting with the keeK team for my personal branding, I honestly thought they were just setting a trap for themselves with those unachievable KPIs they set. Eventually, they over-achieved their targets and I noticed the change when I saw my post engagement, my DMs boosting that too, all organically and my co-workers actually taking inspiration from my content.